World Youth Day 2016

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Voice of youth - During a retreat in Poland’s Zakopane after official World Youth Day events, Sydney Catholic school pilgrims shared the highlights of their experience.
World of promise - Prayer, Pope Francis and new friendships were all part of Sydney Catholic school pilgrims' 2016 World Youth Day journey.
Day 20: Budapest, pm - Pilgrims spent six hours in transit to Budapest to ready themselves for the flight home.
Day 19: Zakopane, pm - Sydney Catholic school pilgrims joined in a Sydney Archdiocesan Mass on their final night in Zakopane.
Pilgrims bask in atmosphere at final mass - 'It didn't matter that we all spoke different languages. The universal greeting was an enthusiastic high five.'
Day 18: Zakopane – Bachledowka, am to pm - A morning of reflection, mountain walk, and intimate mass outdoors is helping pilgrims to end their journey on a high note.
Day 17: Krakow – Wadowice – Zakopane, am to pm - Mountain-fresh air, a visit to St John Paul II's birthplace, and taste of the Pope's cake. All fun in transit to Zakopane!
Day 16: Final Mass - Sydney Catholic Schools pilgrims joined 3 million people at the final Mass for World Youth Day 2016.
Day 15: Night vigil - A long and crowded walk before Sydney Catholic Schools' pilgrims settled at Mercy Field for a night vigil with the Pope.
Day 14: Way of the Cross - No rain this time as pilgrims gathered in Blonia Park for a third night to observe the Way of the Cross.
Day 11: Krakow, am - About 3,000 people from dioceses across Australia gathered at Tauron Arena to set the tone for World Youth Day week.
Day 13: Papal Welcome - 'I love that the Pope believes in us.' Pilgrims braved the rain again to welcome Il Papa to World Youth Day 2016.
The Holy Lands: recalling the journey - From visiting the birthplace of Jesus to Mass on the Sea of Galilee, Bus 1 pilgrims were in awe of the holy lands.
Pilgrims practice language and faith - Polish-speaking pilgrims share an insight into the response of local people to the hundreds of thousands of pilgrims who are visiting for World Youth Day.
Day 12: A mercy walk - Pilgrims walked to the Divine Mercy Shrine and prayed during their first Catechesis session of the World Youth Day events in Krakow.
Day 11: Heavens open for first international WYD mass - Rain didn't dampen spirits as Polish Cardinal Stanislav Dziwisc officially opened World Youth Day celebrations with a Mass for more than 200,000 people.
WYD and the art of the homily - World Youth Day homilies in some of Italy's most beautiful churches spoke of mercy, the Catholic faith, and its enduring relevance.
Saints of Italy: recalling the journey - Bus 15 pilgrims from St Aloysius College share journal excerpts about their Italian pilgrimage. Photos too!
A message from Pope Francis to pilgrims - There are just three more sleeps before the Papal welcome at the 31st World Youth Day.
Day 1: Prague, pm - 'It emphasised the universality of Catholicism.'
Day 2 : Prague, am to pm - Bus 4 begin their pilgrimage in Prague. 'This sense of belonging to God’s larger family is beginning to sink in'.
Day 8: Rome to Krakow - Another day in transit. Dzien dobry Krakow!
Day 7: Pilgrims meet Cardinal Pell - Question time was also on the menu when Bus 16 pilgrims lunched with Cardinal George Pell.
Day 3: Bus 11 students reflect - Clancy students are sharing their pilgrimage musings on a school blog. 'It was an enriching and eye opening experience'.
Day 3: Rome, am to pm - Catch up with Bus 5's journey in pictures.
Day 6: Rome, am to pm - From the quiet of an early Mass at St Peter’s Basilica to the surprising colours of the Sistine Chapel’s famed ceiling, there was plenty for pilgrims to appreciate during a visit to the Vatican.
Day 4: Rome, am to pm - 'Pilgrims were able to walk each step on their knees with a prayer and specific intention from their heart.'
Day 5: Assisi to Rome - Pilgrims attended Mass at St Mary of the Angels on their final morning in Assisi before heading to Rome via medieval village Spello.
Day 5: Assisi, am - Assisi could not be more beautiful, having celebrated a joyful mass in the very place where Francis was asked by God to "rebuild" his Church.
Day 1: Rome, am - Mary Mackilliop Wakeley students on Vatican City and more: 'We are feeling tired, awestruck, and grateful'
Day 4: Assisi, pm - Gelati, church sunset, and a birthday surprise.
Day 4: Assisi ‘brothers in the hood’ - Cappucinos, original hoodies, and restoring faith in the Catholic Church - St Francis and his order are responsible for them all.
WYD16: Reflection and the art of the journal - Finding a quiet space in the evenings to talk, reflect and write about each day's events is integral to the pilgrim experience.
Day 3: Florence, am - Florence proved a beautiful place for photographs and reflection.
Video: Pilgrims depart for WYD16 - Only five more sleeps until Sydney Catholic School Pilgrims fly to Poland.
Day 2: Venice, pm - Free time and a gondola ride!
Day 2: Venice, am - Venice may be sinking and prone to heavy flooding but its popularity is not waning.
St Aloysius pilgrims reflect on Venice - 'All of us are eager to see what other activities await'.
Day 2: Rome, am - 'With all our walking we had certainly earned our gelato': Pilgrims meet with Italian desserts, history, and Cardinal George Pell.
Day 1: Rome, pm - Celebrating Mass on their first evening in Rome was a reminder of the pilgrimage's purpose.
Day 1: Venice, pm - After 26 hours in transit, pilgrims were struck by the beauty of Venice.
WYD 16: The journey begins - Welcome to Sydney Catholic Schools' World Youth Day 2016 blog, where you will find news and photographs from each day of the journey for more than 560 pilgrims.
World Youth Day: words to watch - Polish speaking students at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary Ashfield have lent their voices to World Youth Day preparations.
Archbishop blesses Sydney pilgrims ahead of journey - World Youth Day pilgrims received a blessing and ‘Bon voyage’ from Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher ahead of their journey to Krakow, Poland.
First World Youth Day ambassadors ready to commune - The World Youth Day ambassador program with give Sydney Catholic school pilgrims a ready link to their parishes when they return from Poland in 2016.
World Youth Day preparation takes off - Close to 600 World Youth Day pilgrims from Sydney Catholic schools gathered at Holy Cross College Ryde to prepare for their July journey to Poland and a deeper faith.