Sydney Catholic schools celebrate Father’s Day and the strength of St Joseph

Students at Catholic schools across Sydney have spent the last few weeks celebrating the role fathers play in family life and showing gratitude for their sacrifice and strength.

In celebrating this contribution as Catholics, it was important to acknowledge the model fathers have in St Joseph at these special school events.

Fathers at St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School Summer Hill received gifts chosen at a stall organised by community volunteers, while dads at Mount St Joseph Milperra enjoyed snacks prepared by hospitality students.

The role of fathers in the family is more important than ever

– Robert Haddad

Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School Carnes Hill hosted a Father’s Day breakfast, where volunteers cooked up more than 500 sausages for visiting fathers, grandfathers and father-figures.

Holy Spirit Principal Br Nicholas Harsas said his school’s event was a wonderful way to acknowledge the important role of dads in the life of the school, as well as in the lives of students. Dads stayed on to attend a liturgy, where they were presented with prayer cards inviting them to model St Joseph in caring for their families through work, love and devotion.

“In our liturgy at the morning assembly we prayed for the fathers, grandfathers and father-figures of the Holy Spirit School Community to follow Jesus’ example, and His teachings, in the most important job they have: parenting,” he said.

Sydney Catholic Schools Head of New Evangelisation Robert Haddad said St Joseph was a wonderful role model for fathers, and echoed Br Nicholas’ hope that fathers within the community of Sydney Catholic schools would grow in their faith.

“The role of fathers in the family is more important than ever,” said Mr Haddad. “Children need good role models to learn through the power of witness values such as unselfishness, service and sacrifice. We have a great role-model for fatherhood in the person of St Joseph – strong, silent and sacrificial – who was constantly at the side of Jesus and Mary.”

“Fathers are also especially important when it comes to passing on the faith to children. Studies show that children are more likely to grow up to be people of faith when both mother and father are seen practising it.”

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