Prayer focus in HSC well-wishes from Wakeley’s next generation

Mary Mackillop Catholic College Wakeley’s Year 12 students got a pre-HSC boost from their younger peers who hand-made and delivered special prayer packs to help their focus ahead of final exams.

Year 6 representatives from nearby primary schools – St Gertrude’s Smithfield, Our Lady of the Rosary Fairfield, Sacred Heart Villawood and Sacred Heart Cabramatta – who will attend the college next year delivered the packs, which included individual prayers signed by their schoolmates and lollies to give the Year 12 students an energy boost as they study.

Wakeley, which has climbed about 200 places in state HSC ranks in the past five years, is bracing for another successful year which students say is helped by a balance between academic and spiritual life at the college.

It is the third year the schools have taken part in the prayer card initiative, started by Family Educators who work to support families’ relationship with school and parish.

It’s very nice to have that balance, because you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by work.

–  Liana Keo

Year 12 students Liana Keo and Ranya Sutto said they were grateful for the younger students’ gift and the way it allowed them to reflect on their own school journey.

“It’s refreshing,” Ranya said. “It brings you back to your memories when you first came to high school because they’re just about to start and we’re finishing. It’s a nice cycle.”

Like the prayer cards, both students said they appreciated the school’s fortnightly session for Year 12 that focused on wellbeing, faith and reflection alongside practical study sessions. Another session interpreted the college’s HSC data for student to show that great HSC results are within everyone’s reach when they apply themselves.

“It’s very nice to have that balance, because you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by work,” Liana said.

“I remember looking at the Year 12’s as a Year 7 student and thinking ‘I’m never going to get there, that’s ages away’, and in the blink of an eye I’m here. It’s really nice that a younger student has written to us and has taken time out of their day to do this. It’s very heartfelt and a sweet gesture and lollies are always a bonus!”

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