Liturgical seasons inspire community cookbook

Students and families at St Ambrose Catholic Primary School Concord West are connecting with their faith in a delicious new way – their school community’s cookbook, Soul Food for the Seasons.

The colourful, spiral-bound book includes family-favourite recipes submitted by staff, parents and students, and its structure is inspired by the year’s liturgical seasons.

“When we talk about the last supper it has such a significance in our faith, but the meals we prepare within our home have such importance as well,” said Family Educator Tania Chahoud, who led the book’s creation.

“Sitting down at a table and sharing a meal together is such a significant part of family and such a significant part of our faith.”

There’s so much warmth in every page

– Linda McFadden

Ms Trevisan encouraged families to share recipes that had real personal significance, and many offered up cultural dishes, recipes handed down from grandparents or food they associated with special occasions.

Year 6 student Matthew Quan submitted his mum’s recipe for coconut fish, which he enjoys with his family on Fridays and during Lent. His mother, Tessa Quan, is planning to make some other recipes from the book this month, including the Confirmation cupcakes for Matthew’s confirmation.

“What was nice about the recipes was that they’re recipes that everybody uses at home every day, and there’s recipes from different cultures – I think there’s Russian, Irish, Italian, Maltese, and then Australian and different Asian recipes as well.”

Now on sale for $20, the book’s design and layout was created by parent Meryl Mardjuadi, who also contributed two recipes. Principal Linda McFadden praised her design, and the whole school community for their contributions.

“Looking at the finished product, there’s so much warmth in every page,” she said. “It’s each individual family sharing of themselves – and the fact that it is bound by our faith life just makes it so much more special, and so indicative of who we are as a community here.”

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