Bright mural inspired by school’s community

At De La Salle Catholic College Caringbah, an eye-catching mural by staff and students takes pride of place in the playground. 

Completed in 2018, the bright artwork was created in conjunction with Mulga the Artist and Dharawal creative Zac Bennett-Brook to act as a living reminder of the school community’s goals and values. 

The piece is full of symbolism – five-pointed stars represent the college’s LaSallian charism, and Aboriginal art is woven throughout to show the school’s connection to Indigenous culture and its gratitude to the traditional owners of the land.

It was important for us that everyone felt connected to the artwork

Natalie Anne McCaffrey

“A great deal of time and thought went into the planning and creation of this piece so that all of the symbolic aspects were carefully considered and thoughtfully represented,” said Visual Arts Teacher Natalie Anne McCaffrey. 

Ultimately we wanted a mural to beautify our college environment, something to elevate the grounds of the college and help make them a brighter and more enjoyable place to learn. It was important for us that everyone felt connected to the artwork, especially the students,” she said.

Mulga the Artist, also known as Joel Moore, was chosen to work on the piece due to his ongoing connection to the college, where he often hosts art workshops. In the process of painting the mural, artist and former teacher Mr Bennett-Brook built his own connections with Indigenous students, sharing culture by teaching them to play the didgeridoo.

Benjamin Wesley and Thomas Whitehill, Year 10, were just two of many students involved in creating the work.

“[The mural] incorporates many cultures and ideas,” said Thomas White.

“All of these come from our traditions at school, including our patron St John the Baptist and the cross and Jesus himself. It involves our sporty, academic vibe that we have at this school,” said Benjamin.

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