Super swim effort supports Starlight Foundation

Courtney Fitzgerald swam more than 80km to thank the Starlight Foundation, which provided welcome comfort and entertainment when she received treatment at The Sydney Children’s Hospital for a broken arm twice in two years.

Courtney, in Year 7 at St John Bosco College Engadine, completed the Starlight Super Swim in February to raise more than $1000 for the Foundation, which helps children experience fun and positivity while receiving medical treatment.

The Starlight Express Room made so many kids happy

– Courtney Fitzgerald

“I thought it was something I could do to show how grateful I was,” Courtney said of the swim.

“In Kindergarten I broke my arm doing a cartwheel, and I broke the same arm in soccer training in Year 1. Because I broke my arm, and my sister had broken her knee, we had gone to The Sydney Children’s Hospital a few times.

“I thought the Starlight Express Room was really cool and I was amazed at how they made so many kids happy.

“I hope that the money raised will help families and kids have a better experience of hospital too.”

Courtney began the 30-day swim challenge with a 2.5km open water swim in Adelaide in January, and clocked up the rest through the regular swimming training sessions she attends six times a week.

“It depended how long the session went for and how lengthy the set – sometimes it would be 3km, sometimes maybe 4km,” she said.

“I like both the pool and open water swimming, but sometimes the pool swimming is easier because you can see to the bottom of the pool.”

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