Harmony Day 2019: a celebration in song

Students from St Joachim’s Catholic Primary School Lidcombe had a message for the bustling crowd of commuters at Lidcombe Station on Tuesday 19 March: “you and me are meant to be, walking free in harmony.”

The school’s choir performed a medley of songs for enthusiastic onlookers and parents as part of RailCorp’s Harmony Day celebration, which also included a variety of cultural dances and musical numbers.

The choir has been part of the vibrant performance for nine years, and will sing for the public at other stations later this week.

It was spreading awareness of all the happiness and joy and welcoming we have in this world

– Carolyn Parsell

Students performed popular songs that spoke about joy, community and working towards a bright future together, including pieces by Bruno Mars and Fleetwood Mac.

Choir co-ordinator David Matthews said the songs were chosen deliberately to engage the crowd, and that the day provided an opportunity for children to gain valuable performance skills.

“It just connects with people. They’re singing songs that they know, all the songs have a lovely melodic range, and we’re giving some support as part of the community,” Mr Matthews said.

Year 6 student Tilly-Rose Parker said her school is a harmonious place, and the performance was a chance to share that.

“It was spreading awareness of all the happiness and joy and welcoming we have in this world,” she said.

Addressing the crowd briefly following the festivities, Principal Carolyn Parsell agreed. She said the children’s performance was a reflection of values held by every Sydney Catholic school.

“I think that last song, ‘Try a little kindness’ sums up why we have Catholic schools,” she said. “Please go and spread that kindness to the world for the rest of the day.”

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