Student leaders share ideas

Student representative councillors at Casimir Catholic College Marrickville will start the 2019 school year full of fresh new ideas thanks to a collaborative effort with other student leaders in their area.

Nina Nguyen, Justin Perestrelo and Peter Markopoulos rounded out last year running Casimir’s first ever SRC Network Meeting, gathering with student leaders from four other Sydney Catholic schools in the Inner West to share plans and brainstorm together.

Attendees spent the morning sharing ideas and past wins in groups that all included a mix of students of different ages and from different schools, then took some time to make plans for 2019 with their classmates.

“[It] was a great success,” said teacher and assistant wellbeing leader Madeleine Brealy. “All students left feeling positive, motivated and inspired for 2019.”

Nina, who will begin Year 11 in 2019, was inspired to suggest the day by a conversation about student leadership she had with a friend from another school.

Hopefully each year we can involve more schools and more students

– Peter Markopoulos

“We had an SRC video that we made at the beginning of the year to introduce the SRC leaders, and it got to students from other schools.”

“[My friend] said ‘that’s a great idea, we should do that as well’”

“Then it came up in my head – we should have a day where we meet with other schools and bring up new ideas.”

All three students said fresh energy had re-invigorated their school’s SRC over the last few years, and that they wanted to share their learnings with other schools and plan bigger, better projects for the future.

“This year basically starts it for future years – hopefully each year we can involve more schools and more students, and get better,” said Peter, now in Year 11.

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