Earlwood soccer star strikes success

Year 6 Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School Earlwood student Daniela Mandile has proved she’s one of the state’s best on the soccer field.

Daniela qualified for one of two NSW under 12s girls’ teams earlier this year, selected from students from 196 schools.

I play outside in my backyard and practice a lot

– Daniela Mandile

Her squad competed in the Primary School Sports Association (PSSA) national soccer championships in September, managing three wins from six games.

They rounded out the competition with a draw against the undefeated Queensland team, becoming the first to equal them during the competition.

Daniela, a striker, comes from a family of soccer fans and hopes one day to be a part of the Matildas, the Australian women’s team that they all support.

“My brother and sister and I play outside in my backyard and we practice a lot,” she said.

“My sister’s a goalkeeper so we make her go in goals while we have shots at her, it’s really fun.”

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