Student mentors ensure continued STEM success

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St Anne’s Catholic Primary School Strathfield South has enlisted help from De La Salle College Ashfield students in continuing its successful myScience program.

The older students helped Years 3 and 4 children create and conduct experiments based on their own areas of interest, using the abridged scientific method ‘control, measure and same’. 

Year 4 student Aidan Cuzzocrea worked with classmates and De La Salle mentors to determine which brand of silicone bounced the highest when dropped from a school balcony. His mum, Carmela Gulli, said the influence of the older students on her son extended beyond the experiment itself.

It’s made him interested in science as a future career

– Carmela Gulli

“It’s been quite inspirational for him,” she said, “particularly because it’s a boy’s school that’s come in it’s really good to see boys encouraging boys.”

“I think it’s made him interested in looking into science as a future career.”

De La Salle students have also benefited from the partnership, which began as part of the school’s dynamic Super Science Saturday event in August. Students from several Sydney Catholic schools helped out with stalls on the day, assisting the school and younger children.

Aidan Cuzzocrea, Carmela Gulli and a classmate with his project.

“The response from the De La Salle teachers, the Principal and a large number of the boys was so enthusiastic and so valuable that it just became obvious that this was where we were going to get myScience mentors from,” said St Anne’s Principal Mark McKeown.

“I enjoyed working with the students,” said De La Salle Year 7 student Antonio Abdennour. “I was able to help them by providing guidance and combining ideas to come up with a fun project.”

“I would do it again because it was a great experience and I want to carry out more experiments with them.”

St Anne’s will continue their strong STEM offerings into 2019, and have just learned they’ve secured a small grant from Strathfield Council to run their Super Science Saturday community event again.

Staff plan to continue to bring the myScience program, introduced at the school this year, to younger and younger members of the school community.

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  1. Samuel Soo

    Well done St Anne’s! Science is very important in today’s age and we still need to continue to make discoveries that can solve issues. Keep up the great work, I’d love to continue to help you out again next year…


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