Sutherland student sets sail

A St Patrick’s College Sutherland student spent his July school holidays sailing halfway across the world.

Daniel Costindi, Year 10, competed in the 2018 Laser 4.7 Youth World Championships in Poland, where he placed 25th in the under 16 boys division and 85th of 280 boats sailed by boys of all ages.

Each day included two 1–2km races, and entrants spent up to eight hours on open water alone or with their coach.

Places were calculated based on competitors’ performances over seven days and their membership in gold, silver, bronze and emerald competition groups, chosen based on their results after the first three days of racing. Daniel competed in the silver group after missing out on the ultra-competitive gold group by a single point, and earned 10th place in his best race of the regatta.

While he acknowledged that some of the more unpredictable aspects of sailing, including its reliance on the weather, made it mentally challenging, Daniel said nothing could beat the feeling of speeding along in his boat The Force Awakens in ocean swell.

“You’re in control, you’re out on the water – there’s no rules,” he said.

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