Modern ways to boost spiritual wellbeing

Contemporary discussions around wellbeing tend to focus on fun runs and kale smoothies – but perhaps they should also focus on reading scripture and attending Mass.

Many Catholic families will know how intimately linked spirituality and wellbeing can be. Studies now back this up, showing prayer and being part of an active, caring faith community can have a positive impact on mental health and even help with recovery following trauma.

“At an event earlier this year, Fr Rob Galea, a priest, musician and prominent youth ministry leader, said that in all his work with young people he’s noticed a common theme – that it is not bells and whistles that lead to engagement in spiritual life, but a sense of community and purpose. I couldn’t agree more,” said Milad Khalil, Leader of Learning: Youth Ministry (Southern Region).

It’s not bells and whistles that lead to engagement in spiritual life, but a sense of community and purpose

– Milad Khalil

Sydney Catholic schools offers students lots of chances to be part of a community of believers, but cultivating quiet habits of prayer and meditation can have plenty of benefits for overactive young minds. The SCS Youth Ministry team has suggested several apps that would enhance the wellbeing of any Catholic – student or not.

Pray: Catholic Novena

This simple app guides users through novenas – nine-day prayers that call on saints to intercede. It’s a great choice for those looking to build a daily prayer habit.

Mary and Divine Mercy

Created by the Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception, these apps invite users to learn more about Mary and the Divine Mercy message through readings, prayers and sacred art.


A suite of features including an interactive rosary, podcasts to assist daily meditation, catechisms and a bible you can read offline have made this the number one Catholic app on iTunes.

Divine Office

This app includes audio and printed liturgical prayers – but its most exciting feature is a constantly updated globe that shows users praying around the world.


Built around the popular podcast of the same name, this audio-based app includes interviews, news and music, and allows users to send questions and comments directly to the show’s host.

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