Unusual guests school students on farming

Brigidine College Randwick welcomed some surprising visitors earlier this term –  three real-life cows, who had a lot to teach students.

A Smart Farmer’s Jess Micallef visited with the animals as part of a pilot of the new mandatory Technological and Applied Studies (TAS) syllabus for Year 8. Students learned how cows are cared for and managed, and experienced machine milking and cheesemaking.

The day launched a food focus unit for Year 8, and the school plans to run it again in the future.

We’re always looking for opportunities to make learning practical and real

– Donna Ginzburg


“In TAS we are always looking for opportunities to engage our students and make learning practical and real,” said incursion organiser and TAS Coordinator Donna Ginzburg.

Involving industry is a big part of this and making connections with concepts is just what many students need to access the curriculum and find learning success.”

As part of her presentation, Ms Micallef discussed ways the dairy industry has operated in the past, including nutritional and reproductive constraints, and looked at how technology would impact dairy production and distribution into the future.

A number of students have continued to think through the real-life challenges of making a living as a farmer, and several are now considering supporting ‘Adopt a Cow’ campaigns which aid dairy farmers in times of drought.

It was a joyous disruption to the school day. The school was filled with mooing and laughter,” said Ms Ginzburg.


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