New teaching and learning director for Sydney Catholic Schools

Genevieve Moss is looking forward to new horizons as Sydney Catholic Schools’ (SCS) new Director of Teaching and Learning.

Mrs Moss brings more than 35 years’ experience as a primary and secondary school teacher (including of students with diverse learning needs), Religious Education coordinator, curriculum leader, and former principal to the role.

Her work has given her the opportunity to apply strategic thinking and leadership skills, education expertise and faith at rural and metropolitan Catholic schools and diocese in Melbourne, Canberra, South Australia and New South Wales.

The expertise at SCS … is part of the huge value of being in a system.

– Genevieve Moss

Beyond this, she has collaborated with Stanford University in California to advance Action Learning – a collaborative process that helps to guide education communities through change – and established a library at the SOS Village School in Chennai, India.

Mrs Moss said her role now will include “how to enhance the fabulous programs that are already in place” at SCS.

“There’s a sense of true optimism, I feel, within the teaching and learning staff,” she said.

“There are so many experts here, working together behind the scenes at different levels to build teachers’ capacity to support students as they learn.

“When we say building capacity, it doesn’t mean we are starting from ground zero. In schools we have amazing, expert teachers who do things intuitively, and a lot of the research is starting to look at what they are doing that we can learn from.”

Working between states has given Mrs Moss an understanding of what drives education nationally, and the advantages of working within a system of schools like SCS.

This includes strong support for schools and teaching staff to deliver the best possible outcomes for students. Reading Recovery, which gives Year 1 students struggling to read crucial literacy skills, is an example of this. So too, is the 2020 vision for mathematical expertise in teaching and excellence program.

A core focus on literacy, numeracy, and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics [STEM] remains in 2018. Key projects in the coming years include the expansion of language programs and of the Newman Selective Gifted Education Program.

“We have gone so far beyond classrooms and schools being in isolation,” Mrs Moss said.

“Research is showing that working in collectives or ‘clusters’ is the best way forward. The expertise at SCS, that can support the schools to support themselves and each other, is part of the huge value of being in a system.”

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