Board commit to schools vision

Members of the newly formed Sydney Catholic Schools Board have made a public commitment to their role at a regional mass that also welcomed new teachers to the system responsible for the management and support of 152 Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

Several of the board’s 12 members read a statement affirming their commitment to the vision for Sydney Catholic schools at the Mass, held at St Brigid’s Catholic Church Marrickville on 13 February.

They also received a blessing from Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fisher.

The board has greater decision-making powers than its predecessor and took effect in January this year, when Sydney Catholic Schools was incorporated into a Charitable Trust.

The change responds to insights from the Royal Commission and recent changes to the NSW Education Act.

Many of the new Sydney Catholic Schools Board’s 12 members are past students of the schools they have chosen to serve.

Sydney Catholic Schools Board

Ms Loretta di Mento

Ms Yolanda Chora

Ms Anna Dickinson

Ms Clare Baxter

Mr Anthony Lane

Dr Dominic McLoughlin

Prof Hayden Ramsay

Mr Michael Digges

Mr Stephen Newton

Fr Michael McLean

Fr Gerry Gleeson

Bishop Tony Randazzo (Chair)


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