St Josephs’ grant funds flexible learning

A grant to provide more contemporary classroom furniture at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School Belmore will provide opportunities for sustainability and collaboration.

The school received a $15,000 grant from Campsie RSL Club to purchase contemporary learning equipment for their Years 3 and 4 classrooms.

Like their peers in Years 5 and 6 who adopted new furniture in a classroom update last year, the students will have the chance to have a say in which furniture the school purchases, and to design a floorplan for it.

The children identified what furniture that they needed.

– Elizabeth Russo

Principal Elizabeth Russo said the school was extremely grateful for the grant, which would enable students to work in a flexible environment with furniture that matches contemporary learning.

She said the furniture updates were part of the school’s broader annual improvement plan. The first updates were also a lesson in sustainability and community giving for students.

Rather than end up in landfill, their old furniture was given to VISA global logistics to send to a village school in Labasa, Fiji.

“The children identified what furniture that they needed and planned what they would do with it, and drafted on graph paper the design of the room,” Mrs Russo said.

“They were so keen that our old furniture didn’t get taken to the tip.”

“This update is part of our broader annual school improvement plan. It’s also about learning best, your physical wellbeing and giving you options … so you don’t have to sit at a desk all day.

“Our school community is very grateful to Campsie RSL and its board of directors for their generosity in allowing us to support children learning in a contemporary environment.”

Year 6 students Isabella Fotiadis and George El Zoughby helped to choose the furniture they now use.

This includes a mixture of high and low tables and chairs suitable for individual and group learning, and donut-shaped modular seating that is a popular place for students to read.

“We decided on the colour because it is blue, the colour of our school,” Isabella said.

George said the furniture was useful for group work.

“It’s nice. We use the donut for reading and we sit at the tables to write and to learn. Now each group gets their own table.”


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