Sydney Catholic schools shine in 2017 HSC

Sydney Catholic Schools have had another year of record growth in HSC results, the low-fee comprehensive system of schools registering outstanding academic success in a year when Australia’s educational outcomes are under more scrutiny than ever.

Analysis of the 2017 HSC data shows a record 48 per cent of students at Sydney Catholic schools achieved results in the top two performance bands – 10 percentage points higher than the overall performance of HSC candidates across NSW.

Students in each of the 33 schools achieved beyond the state average in 5 per cent more courses in 2017 than in previous years. In 2017, a record 77.8 per cent of the HSC courses studied in Sydney Catholic schools produced results that exceeded the state mean.

“Results of this high standard from a comprehensive schooling system that caters for all academic ability groups is simply outstanding,” said Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools Dr Dan White.

“The Year 12 students should be warmly congratulated on their sustained work ethic and their commitment to achieving to their potential.
“My special thanks and congratulations is also extended to the vibrant, professional community of dedicated teachers and support staff who gave tirelessly of their time and expertise to ensure the best possible outcome for their students.”

The academic growth was also visible in HSC merit lists, with 59 students from Sydney Catholic Schools on the All-round Achievers list – 10 per cent more than in 2016. The list recognises students who achieve a Band 6 or E4 result (the highest possible) in 10 or more units studied.

All 33 colleges made an appearance on the Distinguished Achievers list, which identifies students with Band 6 results in one or more courses. The number of Band 6 results awarded to the schools jumped from 2,474 in 2016 to 2,733 in 2017.

Five colleges achieved more than 90 per cent of courses above state average. They were:

• Marist College Kogarah – 96.8%
• St Mary’s Cathedral College Sydney – 96%
• St Patrick’s College Sutherland – 94.1%
• Freeman Catholic College Bonnyrigg – 93.8%
• Brigidine College Randwick – 93.3%

Four Sydney Catholic school students took out coveted First in Course awards – for Economics, Studies of Religion 1 and 2, and Business Services Examination. There were also 33 Sydney Catholic school students on the Top Achievers list, and a further nine students on the list in the top five spots for language courses studied externally.

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) Acting Director of Teaching and Learning, Paul Cahill, said the 2017 HSC results reflect the system’s focus on quality teaching and learning growth for each student.
“These results reflect the quality of learning and teaching that takes place every day in Sydney Catholic schools,” he said.

“While performance in the higher bands of achievement is spectacular, what is particularly pleasing is the way in which all students have been able to maximise their result. The 2017 results also demonstrate continued growth and improvement in achievement and learning year on year.”

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