Marist College promotes driver safety

Marist College Eastwood students receive the 2017 Bridgestone School Award.

Marist College Eastwood has received an award for its commitment to driver safety education.

The College received the 2017 Bridgestone School Award after eight years of offering road safety education program RYDA to students.

The practical workshops lay the foundation for safe road use through a focus on cognition development, resilience and low-risk behaviour. They encourage more than 50,000 students across Australia each year to respond positively to challenges on the road as drivers and passengers.

“RYDA has taught us that not only are you in control of your life – you are also responsible for your passengers’ lives, and the lives of other drivers,” said student Matthew Macan.

Marist College Eastwood also implements a ‘Good Driving Agreement’ with senior students, and both students and staff have partaken in research by RSE that investigates road safety values before and three months after their RYDA education day.

Year coordinator Daniel Fallico accepted the award on behalf of the College.

“We view the relationship and work completed on the RYDA day as an extremely rewarding opportunity for our boys and we are honoured to accept this award,” he said.

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