St Pat’s trio win national Model UN title

Three students from St Patrick’s College Sutherland have been declared the National Mock United Nations Assembly Champions, acknowledged for their relentless pursuit of peace and global unity.

Year 11 students Chris Breen, Leo Nosatti and Lauren Forrester were crowned the best in the nation at the Australia-wide championships, which were held in Canberra August 18 to 20.

“All three spent the journey home deep in an English assignment,”

– Jennie Smith, Debating Co-ordinator

The team represented Japan, and spoke as the nation in mock debates on contentious international issues including regulating international migration, protecting human rights while countering terrorism, and the situation in the Syrian Arab republic.

“Our team steadfastly retained the ‘Japan factor’,” said Debating Co-ordinator Jennie Smith.

“They had immersed themselves in the culture and ethos of Japan…and all three fostered the idea of peace and global unity, which after all are the aims of the United Nations.”

The team prepared research on 14 resolutions, six of which were debated by students over the two-day conference. The St Patrick’s team consulted a broad range of reference material, and even sought advice from the Japanese embassy.

Ms Forrester gave an apology to the floor about WWII soldier’s treatment of women during a debate about violence against women and girls, and the whole team successfully amended a resolution to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula.

Ms Smith said the team were awarded vouchers as their prize, but are already researching potential next steps in the MUNA competition.

“I think they all want to take it further,” she said. “But in case you think they disregarded school work, I can attest that all three spent the journey home deep in an English assignment.”

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