Outstanding NAPLAN gains

De La Salle Ashfield Year 9 students (left to right) Jayden Khoun, Sean Bostock and Angelo Haramis received sweeping NAPLAN scores. Photo: Kitty Beale

Sydney Catholic schools have experienced their best year ever in the 2017 NAPLAN test gains, maintaining a trend of continual improvement in academic achievement.

This year’s results in Catholic schools showed a substantial improvement in all year levels, particularly in the areas of Reading and Numeracy.  Once again, Sydney Catholic schools performed significantly above the national and state means in every dimension of the national testing data.

The Executive Director of Sydney Catholic Schools, Dr Dan White, was delighted with the 2017 results.

“The rate of student growth achieved by our students was particularly impressive,” he said. “On virtually every indicator, the level of improvement exceeded the comparable improvements in overall NSW data.”

It is about maximising the learning growth of every child.

–  Dr Dan White

Of special note was the outstanding performance of Year 3 students in Reading with more than 64% of all children achieving results in the top two bands, compared to a state average of 51%.

Similarly in Numeracy, 41.5% of Year 5 Catholic school students were placed in the top two bands, nine percentage points higher than their state counterparts (32.5%).

Dr White especially commended Year 9 students in Catholic schools for an ‘across the board’ lift in standards.

“For many years, the national Year 9 performance in Writing has shown a gradual decline. This year our students improved their mean scores by 21 points, and the percentage of students in the top two achievement bands jumped from 13% in 2016 to 22% this year.”

Dr White also paid tribute to the outstanding professional work of Sydney Catholic Schools’ teachers, principals and support staff.

“Our system of 152 Catholic schools has strongly embraced a whole of school improvement culture,” he said. ” Driven by the detailed analysis of student data and informed by the latest educational research, each school has formulated explicit improvement goals that focus on meeting the needs of every child.

“It is all about maximising the learning growth of every child”, Dr White said.

“Teachers and learning support officers have dedicated themselves to a multi-faceted program of professional learning and devote enormous time and energy in personalising the learning program for each student.

“The success achieved in Catholic schools has not happened overnight or by accident, but rather by our community of schools being focused and committed to ensuring each child achieves their God-given potential.”

Sydney Catholic Schools (SCS) offers a non-selective, low-fee education for over 70,000 children, across 152 schools in the Archdiocese of Sydney.

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