Pool success sees St Clare’s Serena head overseas

St Clare’s College Waverley student Serena Someya is making a big splash as a member of the Sydney University Water Polo team.

Serena, a Year 8 student, was invited the join the University’s under 16s side after an impressive performance at a recent National competition.

Initially offered a place in the 14As team, Serena said she was a bit daunted when the phone rang and her coach suggested she join the 16Bs team instead.

We’ve been really impressed with St Clare’s.

– Sean Frew

“It’s still tough because many of the girls are older, bigger, and more experienced…but I’m getting used to it. The U16’s coach is amazing and the training is great,” she said.

Serena’s selection will allow her to be trained to move up into the 16As team, where she could play as many as three seasons. She has already travelled overseas and interstate to play water polo, and recently spent time in California, where she trained for four hours a day.

“Some of the best opportunities have been travel and meeting new people from other teams locally, as well as interstate and internationally,” she said.

Serena said it was one of her teachers who inspired her to take up the sport, and her father Sean Frew was full of praise for her school.

“We’ve been really impressed with St Clare’s. It’s great what they’re teaching and what she’s bringing home – the morals and the ethos,” he said.

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