Walking to Save our Sons

Emilio Eid and his father Elie have been clocking up the kilometres again, walking and wheeling around the Bay of Melbourne to raise awareness of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

In Year 7 at Holy Spirit College Lakemba, Emilio was diagnosed with the neuro-muscular condition in 2006. The genetic disease largely affects boys and is characterised by progressive muscle deterioration and weakness, as well as breathing and heart complications.

Emilio’s parents, Elie and Nancy established the Save Our Sons Duchenne Foundation in 2008 to raise awareness and fundraise to enable research and medical support.

Since 2015, the family has led three ‘Walk to Save our Sons’ events involving supporters and volunteers. The funds raised from the walks help to place a specialised Duchenne nurse in every Australian children’s hospital, provide medical equipment to improve the quality of life of Duchenne children, and support scientific research and clinical trials to find a cure for Duchenne

After captaining a 352km walk from Albury to Melbourne in April 2016, this year Emilio started the 300km trek at the Victoria Market.  The walk continued on to the coast at Sorrento and finished at the Melbourne Crown Riverwalk.

Joining the father and son on their latest effort was the Principal of St John’s Catholic Primary Auburn, Antonella Dolores.

“For the third year, I have had the privilege to be part of the walk for Save Our Sons and be led by our courageous and committed leader Captain Emilio,” Ms Dolores said.

“This year I got to experience two weeks with other families who live with the Duchenne condition every day and catch a glimpse of what families go through. I am always in awe of how supportive, loving, patient and resilient these families are.

“If you can find it in your generous hearts to donate to this amazing cause and help us find a cure and support children with Duchenne, it will be greatly appreciated,” Ms Dolores said.

“One way to make a difference for those living with Duchenne in Australia is to support our Duchenne nurses program. In late 2015, we began developing this national program in every major children’s hospital in Australia.”

To support the Duchenne nurses program, visit the Save Our Sons page.

View video of the 2017 walk below.

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