St Patrick’s day of talent

St Patrick’s Catholic Primary Summer Hill students celebrated their school namesake’s day with a talent quest.

Year 5 Mini Vinnies leaders co-ordinated the St Patrick’s Day event. Assistant Principal Freda Pascoe delivered a guest performance of Irish dancing among the 26 individual and group student acts. Some danced and played instruments, while others sang, performed mind-bending card tricks and sounded the calls of Australian animals on a didgeridoo.

Year 6 students Sophia Eussen, Anna Simic and Grace Dunn, all 11, performed a rap they wrote in class based on what they had learned about the saint’s life.

“There’s a myth that he drove the snakes into the ocean,” Grace said. “I found that surprising because I don’t think many people would be able to do that. There are no snakes in Ireland.”

The trio said the aim of the talent quest performance – their last at St Patrick’s – was to have fun, smile and teach their peers. They put together costumes with green accents including a sequinned bow tie through a shared Google group.

“We thought it would be a great idea to perform the rap for our talent show considering it’s St Patrick’s Day,” Sophia said. “Every year they’ve had previous talent shows and we’ve all done something different whether it’s dance or singing. We’ve all performed before.”

Ana said class-based research had informed the performance. “Our teacher showed us a video with lots of fun facts about St Patrick and we took down some notes while watching that video and put them into one song,” she said.

The Mini Vinnies team also showed their support and skills on the day by joining the performances and helping with the set up and running of the talent quest.

Dylan Eurlings was MC of the event, which students said aimed to celebrate their hidden talents as well as raise money for Project Compassion. The annual Lenten appeal for Catholic charity Caritas which supports relief efforts and projects in countries including the Philippines, Timor Leste, Vietnam, Fiji, and in remote Australian Indigenous communities.

A food stall and donations added to the school’s fundraising efforts.

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