In print: 40 years of inspiring spirits and minds

About Catholic Schools began in 1977 to give voice to education developments within Sydney Catholic Schools, and the achievements and interests of their parent, teacher, and student communities. Few knew then how much the Catholic education landscape would change.

Enrolments in Sydney Catholic schools were at 116,386, in a Sydney Archdiocese that included today’s separate Broken Bay and Parramatta dioceses. Both were annexed in 1986 to better serve a burgeoning Catholic population in Sydney.

Today, with more than 70,000 students and 152 primary and secondary schools, Sydney Catholic Schools is the office responsible for the largest number of NSW Catholic schools, and with responsibility for the second largest number of Catholic schools in Australia after Melbourne.

It had already had a major win in 1968 when it secured its’ first government funding to help resource its schools. Today the government provides about 80 per cent of funding to Catholic systemic schools including Sydney Catholic schools, offset by parent fee contributions.

By 1977 there were 44 lay principals, the first introduced just four years earlier in 1973. Today there is only one religious principal of a Sydney Catholic school. Today, Sydney Catholic schools are comprehensive and diverse, with 47,009 students from language backgrounds other than English and 1,117 students who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.

About Catholic Schools has reported on good news in Catholic education through the tenure of 14 different NSW education ministers. Here we take a walk down memory lane to some of the highlights of the magazine’s 40 years in print.

2017 – 2013

2012 – 2005

2004 – 1993

1989 – 1977


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