Good Shepherd students inspire with aerial photo

Good Shepherd Catholic Primary Hoxton Park drew inspiration from this year’s Sydney Catholic Schools Week theme to give the community a birds-eye view of what drives their learning at school.

Students from Kindergarten to Year 6 stood in formation to spell out the word ‘Inspire’ on the school’s large grassed playground area at noon on Friday (March 10). The event was photographed with a drone from 30 metres above ground to commemorate the school’s 20th anniversary.

Family Educator Jackie Hana said the photo will be printed and framed as a memento of the birthday event.

“The event was a creative, fun and vibrant way to show our commitment to both inspire and be inspired by the Gospel and the high quality Catholic education we provide at Good Shepherd Primary School,” she said.

“To form the word inspire we had to work together as a school community and doing that so well is what makes us so unique.

“We allocated a letter to each class giving the easiest ‘i’ to Year 1 and Kindergarten. The letter‘s’ formed by Year 6 was the most difficult to perfect. The whole event took about 40 minutes, thanks to the organisation of the teachers, cooperation of the children and expertise of the photographers.

At Good Shepherd we are inspired every day.

– Alicia Sinfield

“The children were excited by the drone flying 30 meters above them. Most had not seen one before.”

The drone was supplied by Joseph Almasi of Infiniti Property and operated by George and Grace Marin, who have photographed many school events during their daughter’s seven years at Good Shepherd.

Before the photograph, teachers discussed the Catholic Schools Week theme ‘Inspiring hearts and minds’ with the students. Each wrote about who in their life inspires them to become the best person they can be on bright red hearts, which covered the assembly area. Many children named their parents, teacher and friends as people who inspire them.

Kindergarten teacher Alicia Sinfield was also part of the team who coordinated the event. She said parents, staff and students had been inspired to do more together as a result of the aerial photo experience, which had enhanced the school’s sense of community.

“At Good Shepherd we are inspired every day – by each other, by others in our world and most importantly by Jesus and his teachings,” Mrs Sinfield said.  “The staff, students, parents and families were all very excited about being involved in the photo, and coming together as one community.”


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