40 years of change

About Catholic Schools asked parents and educators what the biggest changes to Catholic education had been over the past 40 years. Here’s what they said.

Caroline Benedet

Leader: Performance Growth and Culture, Sydney Catholic Schools

“The most notable change I’ve seen since sending my four children through Sydney’s Catholic schools is our strengthened profile in the wider community. Our focus on contemporary learning and the best learning outcomes for students is shared by all teachers, school leaders, staff and parents. It’s great to see this rich educating heritage acknowledged in the national and international educating community as well.”


Greg Olson

Science Coordinator, De La Salle Catholic College Cronulla

“Through broader curriculum choices, other post-school options and a content-heavy syllabus Senior Science courses have lost some of their appeal among students over the past 40 years. However, Science remains a creative and exciting way to understand the world. The three terms that characterise 21st century Science ­­– atoms, bytes and genes ­– should be a challenge for students to use Science to help build a better future. Australia’s future knowledge economy will be dependent on those skilled and literate in Science and STEM subjects.”

Mary Searson

Parent, Domremy College Five Dock

“My two daughters have enjoyed a Catholic education since Kindergarten. One is in Year 10, the other is in her second-year of a teaching degree. A big change I’ve seen in 40 years is the updating of school premises into modern teaching facilities with state-of-the-art technology. I also think Sydney Catholic schools look after students with disabilities really well, with massive changes in that direction.

“The most notable feature that I love in Sydney Catholic schools is the continuous Pastoral Care. The nurturing and care of my girls in their primary years was very much appreciated. It has continued to Domremy where I am really happy with the attentiveness of staff and the ease of contacting the teachers.”


Share with us: What have been the most significant changes at your Catholic school? 

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