Inspirational teachers on air

St Felix Catholic Primary students joined the audience of SBS program Insight last night, which focused on the positive impact teachers have on student lives.

The studio time with Principal Lisa Wahab came after the program pre-interviewed 20 students from the Bankstown school about how their teachers inspired them.

When asked to write on the same topic, the students mentioned how their teachers showed care and compassion and had high expectations of them and their learning.

Year 6 student Melissa Hoang was inspired by Mrs Grant’s dedication and the way she had guided her to be her best. The teacher is acknowledged among staff as one who knows her students well and uses data to ensure they are challenged in the classroom.

Year 5 student Chloe Bou -Simmons nominated Miss Veronica, who she described as a funny teacher who keeps her class engaged in learning with her humour.

“Miss Veronica wants every child to succeed, she believes in us and motivates us to be the best learners we can be,” Chloe said.

Each week Insight host Jenny Brockie guides a lively debate on a single topic. Guests and audience include families, students, politicians, advocates and experts. Tuesday night’s episode heard from former and current primary and high school students about a teacher that changed their life.

Principal Lisa Wahab said the St Felix teachers nominated by students were humbled and the students had spoken extremely well, with clear reference to school’s values and vision, AIM – ‘Aspire, Inspire and Make a Difference’.

“I am  incredibly proud of our students as they spoke articulately of how our teachers aspire to be the best they can be each day, inspire their students to be great learners, and make a difference to the lives to all our community,” Mrs Wahab said.

View the episode here.

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