Digital boot camp inspires minds at Holy Innocents’

A digital device ‘boot camp’ has helped students at Holy Innocents’ Catholic Primary Croydon to better use their laptops and tablets as tools for learning and creativity in the classroom.

It is the third year the school has implemented a Bring your Own Dedicated Device (BYODD) program for students in Years 3 to 6 ahead of Catholic Schools Week celebrations in March. Sydney Catholic Schools including Holy innocents’ will celebrate with the theme ‘Inspiring spirits and minds’.

Assistant Principal Miriam Meaney said teachers worked closely with the school’s Leader of e-Learning to ensure privacy settings and protection measures were in place for each device and to help parents work with teachers to develop digital citizenship among the students.

At the boot camp, held in the second week of term, students explored apps including games-based Kahoot, Green Screen, iMovie, Google Drive and app for learning languages Rosetta Stone.

“We are very encouraged by the increased positivity from parents as they see firsthand their children’s engagement in learning and their growing confidence with technology,” Mrs Meaney said.

Year 6 students completed four different activities during the boot camp. During the lessons, older students mentored younger ones and helped them to understand how to use each app properly.

Year 3 students Maisie Chan and Freya Wild said the boot camp was an amazing experience. “We learnt so much about how amazing technology is in our lives,” Freya said. “Not only does it make learning more fun, but we are able to prepare ourselves for the real world.”

What the students said about BYODD Boot Camp:

 “I look forward to using the Green Screen app in HSIE to make movies as if I’m back in time discovering Australia.  I can’t wait to use it.” – Georgia Tannis, Year 4

“I’m going to use iMovie to make movies this year hopefully in Science.” – Joshua Scalone, Year 4.

“It was fun to work with the Year 3’s and show them how we learn in different ways.” – Tim Wang, Year 4

“I liked the Green Screen because it’s cool how you can change the background photos.” – Patrick Chidiac, Year 6

“Boot camp was good because it showed us some new things we can do on our iPads and it refreshed our memories on how to do things we’ve done before.” – Edmond Yang, Year 6

“My favourite part of Boot Camp was playing the Kahoot. I like the competitive challenge!” – Chrissie Soueid, Year 6

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