Ready, steady, flip ‘n’ Pray!

Donning chefs’ hats, staff parents from St Felix Catholic Primary Bankstown joined in some flipping fun today.
The school’s 453 students and their families got into the spirit of Shrove Tuesday, a centuries-old Catholic tradition, to rid the house of sugar and flour before Lent begins.
Event organiser and Family Educator Denice Severi said that the event was one of the school community’s annual traditions. This year they made more than 1,000 pancakes, the highest amount in five years. “The students couldn’t wait to try the pancakes, they’re just as popular today as they’ve always been,” she said.
School Principal Lisa Wahab said: “Each year the school celebrates Pancake Tuesday, otherwise known as Shrove Tuesday, as the final day before Lent begins.”
“We remind the students that during Lent we remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the desert before he started his ministry, and how Christians often abstain from eating meat and sweet things.
“Lent is a time of renewal. It’s a time to change – to sew seeds of virtue through prayer, giving and caring – and grow in new life. Pancake Tuesday is the last day to feast, and to flip a pancake and turn over a new leaf!
Tomorrow, the whole school comes together for Ash Wednesday Mass and for the distribution of the Ashes.
Ms Wahab said that the pancake morning was also organised to raise money for Project Compassion.
 “Today, we kick-started our fundraising for Project Compassion donating more than $700 from today’s event,” she said.
“The morning was most successful with hundreds of students, parents and staff buying freshly made pancakes. It was good to see so many parents helping on the morning.”

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