Challenge and compassion lead student empowerment

Domremy College 2017 school leaders are keen to empower others.

Domremy College Five Dock’s social justice committee will host a Vinnies Buddy Day for children of families who face daily hardships. The event on March 4 is one in a line of activities that encourage students to empower themselves and others.

Principal Vivienne Awad said the event was a fitting way to mark Catholic Schools Week among Sydney Catholic schools who will celebrate the theme ‘Inspiring spirits and minds’. The students’ commitment to social justice activities including the Buddy Day are also inspired by the school’s founder Nano Nagle who regularly helped the poor.

“Ask a Domremy student what she hopes to take away with her upon graduating and her reply will be that she leave a confident, independent young woman firm in the self belief that through hard work and dedication she will succeed at whatever she sets her mind to,” said Principal Vivienne Awad.

“So strong is this belief that the 2017 Leadership cohort at Domremy College has embodied it into their vision with the theme: Empower Her. This is also about empowering others through such actions.”

The new inclusion to the school’s vision also acknowledges that each student is unique in their abilities and that a broad range of interests is integral to unlocking their potential. Students also take part in the NASA HASSE International Study Program, represent their sporting associations at state cups in cricket, hockey and touch football, and regularly make sandwiches after school for Vinnies Night patrol vans.

“We consistently challenge and encourage our girls in all that they do,” Ms Awad said. “The opportunity to try new things, take chances, and make decisions is key to them becoming confident, generous and compassionate women.”

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