Grandparents’ Day raises smiles at St Joseph’s

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More than 300 parents and grandparents visited St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Enfield on November 18 to celebrate Grandparents Day.

Principal Maria Maiorana said the annual event, which recognises the significant contribution grandparents make to family life, included a liturgy led by Kindergarten students, morning tea and classroom visits.

“Grandparents Day is a special time in today’s age where many grandparents take such an active part in school life, child care and offering support to their own children as they undertake the very great responsibility of raising children,” Mrs Maiorana said. “We thank our God for grandparents, for their example and for the work they do to for their families every day.”

Students reflected on and thanked their grandparents for things from buying treats and keeping secrets to making delicious food. Their observations drew smiles and a few laughs.

“Kindies mentioned that they couldn’t imagine that their grandparents were ever young and wondered why they had so many wrinkles on the outside,” Mrs Maiorana said. “These insightful reflections gave everyone present a sense of joy for the gift of children.”


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  1. Tony Allan

    Truly a great day for grandparents to share some special time with our grandchildren. A credit to the principal and teachers at St. Josephs for putting this celebration on.


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