Fairfield school celebrates feast day

Fun and faith combined when Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic Primary Fairfield celebrated the feast day of their school’s patron saint.

The school held a liturgy attended by parents, staff and students followed by fun activities on October 21 as the actual feast day, October 7, fell during the school holidays.

After lunch and a treat of ice-blocks students from Kindergarten to Year 6 took part in a round of 15-minute activities which included parachute games, bubble wands, and sack races. A certificate and set of rosary beads was given to a student from each class who best entered into the spirit of the day.

Principal Br Nicholas Harsas said students were reverent and prayerful at mass and when they carried blue and white balloons from different corners of the school to form a rosary. Each balloon represented one bead.

“Apart from having a whole school mass each year we try to do something a bit different for the children to celebrate,” Br Harsas said.

“It was a really lovely day, the children entered into it beautifully. One girl said to me: ‘That was the best feast day ever’.

“It showed we didn’t need to go to great expense to give the children a day they were going to enjoy and remember. We used sports equipment and other things we had a school and they had a wonderful day.”

By the end of the day the children had enjoyed not only a great celebration…they were reminded of the significance of Mary.

– Br Nicholas Harsas

Br Nicholas said that students were reminded of the prayer’s links to their school when they joined in the rosary.

“To make those links I will add, and the teachers too, that October is a special month around the world where everyone prays the rosary but it has extra significance for our school because we are named after Our Lady of the Rosary,” he said.

“We can always turn to Mary and ask her to help us with our worries and our concerns. We can also turn to Jesus and Mary and the rosary when we have joyful times, sorrowful times – at any time really.”



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