MasterChef a class in authentic learning

st-anthonys-masterchefCreativity and culinary skill was on display when Year 1 students at St Anthony’s Catholic Primary Clovelly turned their classroom into a MasterChef kitchen.

Nine volunteer parents supervised  the students as they invented a dish using set ingredients in a ‘Mystery Box Challenge’, then followed British chef Jamie Oliver’s recipe for a healthy ‘Squash it sandwich’. The parents were also part of the judging panel which taste-tested the meals and offered constructive feedback to the young contestants.

Year 1 teacher Bridget O’Neill said students had demonstrated great enthusiasm, team work and imagination throughout the morning. The challenge proved a valuable recipe for authentic learning, bringing together concepts learned this year in Mathematics, Science, English and Health.

“Students had been studying procedures in English so it was a great authentic opportunity for them to use these skills in a real-life situation,” Mrs O’Neill said.

“They had great fun with this [Jamie Oliver recipe]. It was very healthy and it tasted delicious.”

In the mystery box challenge, each team was provided with honey, pikelets, vanilla yogurt, apple, cheese slices, cheese sticks and sugar cinnamon. They were also allowed to use any of the herbs grown in the school’s garden to create their dish.

“This experience teaches them invaluable skills such as the importance of eating a healthy, balanced diet,” Mrs O’Neill said.

“They develop team building and essential communication skills. I also believe that with families being so busy it is a great opportunity for children to spend quality time with their parents, learn some new skills, and reinforce that growth mindset attitude of learning something new.”


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