Active interest in passive play

An impressive new mural at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary Enfield is not the only colourful addition to the school this year.

A passive play space was also created. Chests of large discs, blocks and other construction materials in blue, green, red, and yellow, and some dress up items, have been installed in a corner of the playground with a soft-fall surface. They take pride of place beneath the school’s ‘Reading Rocket’ which acknowledges students’ reading achievement.

“The purpose of the passive play is to give children lots of options during their lunchtimes, so they can play and engage well with other children,” Principal Maria Maiorana said.

“We’ve found that the children are so excited by it and they have a choice of what to do. This used to be an area that wasn’t used very much. Now we have a lot of children wanting to use the equipment. They’re building lots of things and it adds to what they’re doing in the classrooms. There are Maths activities, and construction – They’re learning without knowing it.”

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