Science challenge creates perfect buzz

Clancy's Elite Award winning science challenge participants (from left): Marcelline Querubin, Jarrod Baptista, Rosie Cricri, and Lucas Frasca.

Clancy’s Elite Award winning science challenge participants (from left): Marcelline Querubin, Jarrod Baptista, Rosie Cricri, and Lucas Frasca.

Clancy Catholic College has placed second of 1,015 schools in the international 2016 Education Perfect Science Challenge.

About 930 students from Years 7 to 10 and senior Science classes at the College answered 665,990 questions to reach the top end of a pool of 1,015 schools in Australia, New Zealand, The United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, and other countries.

It is a feat that Science coordinator Grace Mamo said equates to about 6,823 hours of learning.

Students choose questions from a broad field of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Earth and Environmental Science topics.

“Students who are interested have the ability to work on things beyond their year level,” Mrs Mamo said.  “The competition covers a large range of Science concepts including all of the curriculum content from Years 7 to 12 across all courses, so they can engage with a Science that they are really interested in.

“There’s nothing to stop a Year 10 student from picking up quantum physics or a Year 8 student from looking at DNA. There were lots of real-world applications to look at too. There was a whole section that covers Science as human endeavour, going into things like energy-efficient car and home design.”

Mrs Mamo said the challenge, held from August 15 to 22, had created a real buzz around the school with students continuing to answer questions in the school library at lunchtimes.

“It began at 5pm on a Monday night and we started really strong,” she said. “That created so much energy and momentum, the students just wanted to keep up that pace.”

Year 7 student Lucas Frasca and Year 11 student Jarrod Baptista were among the more than 160,000 students who took part in the international challenge. Lucas placed 16th and Jarrod placed 28th, each earning more than 10,000 points to reach the Elite level above the challenge’s Gold, Silver and Bronze awards. They were joined in that achievement by Marcelline Querubin, in Year 10, and Rosie Cricri, in Year 11.

One question answered is worth one point. Lucas earned 19,813 points and Jarrod 17,515.

Lucas said the questions held different degrees of difficulty depending on the sections that participants chose to work in.

“I did some senior revision content, nuclear physics and Year 7 and 8 Chemistry questions,” he said. “I find Science interesting and I like doing projects like this because they extend me from class.”

Jarrod said the challenge was a great way to prepare for his Year 11 Physics exams.

“It was pretty fun,” he said. “It wasn’t too difficult and very good for revision. I had a Physics exam coming up on Forces so I was doing that same topic on Education Perfect and that helped me. I did some other content as well on DNA and Chemistry. Overall I spent maybe 30 or 40 hours on the challenge.”

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