Robotics in motion at Domremy College

Domremy Five Dock College students Isabella Gionta and Sarah D’Urso with an early prototype of their robot. Photo: Gene Ramirez

Coding and choreography have merged for Domremy College Five Dock students, who have built and programmed a small robot to dance within a 2.4 metre square using a 540-piece Lego kit and their own ingenuity.

The project is one of many at the school that has challenged students to develop their skills and curiosity around science and technology.

The possibilities are endless.

– Sarah D’Urso

The Domremy students have styled their robot to look like Mickey Mouse and programmed it to dance to a two-minute medley of Disney songs.

“The kit includes light and colour sensors,”  said Year 10 student Sarah D’Urso, 16. “You can program the robot to move away from black so it doesn’t go outside the square [marked with black tape]. We can attach objects to the robot as well. The possibilities are endless.”

Year 12 Information Technology prefect Isabella Gionta, 17, has studied computing and coding since Year 9 and said the project was recommended to her by a teacher.

“Half of it is the coding and half is the physical aspect of seeing how the robot moves to the music. The coding is simpler than Java or HTML because it is more visual. It really depends on what you want to do and how many engines you want to put on the robot.

“I do want to work in the IT field in the future because I like programming itself but also 3-D computer animation.”

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are a strong focus at Domremy College. Two students took part in a NASA space camp in Houston, Texas in July, with two more to attend the senior student version of the program in December.

Domremy’s teachers are also researching a potential project to create prosthetics for children in developing countries using the school’s 3-D printers, while six of them are mentored by Science, Maths Engineering and Technology professors at Sydney University to help them develop more authentic learning experiences in those fields for students.

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