Day 20: Budapest, pm


After leaving Bachledowka at 8am, Bus 16 spent six hours in transit to Budapest to ready themselves for the flight home to Sydney.

But for the subtle differences in architecture and signage, and our coach driver pointing it out, pilgrims would not have known exactly when they crossed the border – first from Poland into Slovakia, then Slovakia into Hungary.

More than 20 per cent of the country’s residents live in the capital, Budapest. Pilgrims drove past the Danube River and the Citadel on their way to the hotel.

At mass that evening, Fr Ben spoke about looking towards others as Christians rather than only at ourselves and pilgrims allowing their belief in Jesus and prayer life to enrich their whole lives, helping them to engage more fully with others through his example. Bus Group leader Ruth Casey thanked the pilgrim group leaders and others involved in making the journey an unforgettable one.

After mass and dinner pilgrims had fun on a paddle boat ride and ate their last gelato of the trip, before returning to the hotel to pack for the flight home.

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