Day 14: Way of the Cross

No rain this time as pilgrims gathered in Blonia Park for the third night in a row to observe the Way of the Cross.

The 14 stations were performed at points across the park and broadcast to the different seating sections via large screen televisions. The character of the event was penitent however, with hymns and videos of projects within Krakow that embody different aspects of mercy matched to the stations along with readings from Mark’s Gospel. Bus 16 chose a solid view of the screen in a different space to previous nights to better engage with the event.

Some spectacular wire work was on display as ‘Jesus’ was crucified, the cross raised high in the air with a gymnast chosen for the part strung to it. As this was shown, pilgrims offered a prayer for patience.

“Let us discover patience as an act of great mercy. Put your finger to our lips when we want to explode with bitterness and resentment, aggression and complaint. Help us …to conquer evil with good.”

At the final station where Jesus was laid in the tomb, pilgrims offered a prayer and blessing for those who take care of the burial of the homeless, soldiers on opposing sides of conflict, and those who care for and keep the memory of places like Auschwitz, Birkenau and others alive. The Pope had visited Auschwitz that day.

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