Day 2 : Prague, am to pm

Patrician Brothers’ College Fairfield pilgrims are sharing the World Youth Day journey with others from Christian Brothers’ High School Lewisham and St Patrick’s College Strathfield.

Here Patrician Brothers’ Year 10 student Lachlan Hyde reflects on the first stops of the Prague direct pilgrimage for Bus 4. 

“Day Two started back at Our Lady Of Victory Church with Mass led by Fr Tom and Chris. During the homily we learnt about the history of the infant baby Jesus and its origin with the Spanish royal family.

Following the Mass, we were gifted a statue of the Virgin Mary from the local priest which we took dearly with us. Other parishioners celebrating mass with us included other pilgrims for WYD, this time a group of Mexican pilgrims were excited to meet us and share in the excitement leading up to the WYD event next week.

At the entrance of the church, a poster of the world was hanging with post-it notes and pens on a table nearby. The purpose of the poster was for pilgrims from across the world to send good wishes and messages of hope and mercy.

Walking through the ancient city of Prague the architecture had to be admired, travelling on foot over the Charles Bridge gave a sense of awe thinking about how a task like that would have been possible over 500 years ago. Dotted across the bridge were 30 statues of prominent church figures and local people of importance. In the centre of the bridge is a single bronze statue of St. John of Nepomuk and is said to give good luck when touched.

The purpose … was for pilgrims from across the world to send good wishes and messages of hope and mercy.

– Lachlan Hyde

On the other side of the bridge in the Old Town Square we marvelled at the Astronomical Clock which rings on the hour and then shows the 12 disciples spin across the top of the clock. On the final walk back to our bus we met an Irish pilgrim group who we chatted to for five minutes before we left.

This sense of belonging to God’s larger family is beginning to sink in. The love shown between us and other pilgrims we’ve met so far resinates with the words of Mother Teresa “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier”. Today we’ve continued to build relationships with other pilgrims and enjoyed exploring and learning the history of Prague.”


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