Day 5: Assisi, am

Teachers have also been struck by the openness and joy apparent at daily Masses on the pilgrimage. Here Pilgrim Group Leader and Mount st Joseph Milperra teacher Natasha Mohamad reflects on Bus 10’s experience of Assisi.

“Assisi could not be more beautiful, having celebrated a joyful mass in the very place where Francis was asked by God to “rebuild” his Church. In one way we have been indirectly asked to also rebuild by our lives, just by saying yes to this pilgrimage.

Fr Daniel’s homily was sentimental in a way that he acknowledged that our lives are always busy and we are always switched on to social media & that we need to find moments in our lives to be in silence. This silence will lead us to what God is asking of us. As a teacher I know that his homily was a stand out for our pilgrim students because he also spoke about prayer & if students don’t know how to start…. Then just take the first step by saying hi God it’s me… I want a relationship with you. This openness of both heart and mindset will lead to us accepting God’s grace and love into our lives.

After the beautiful mass, we reflected on the homily in God’s creation. Something both I and Maria Bautista, PGL from St John Bosco College Engadine, will hold onto for a long time.

While we were walking into the miraculous Rose Garden, we saw two white doves inside the building. We knew the spirit of St Francis was with us watching over us on our pilgrimage.”

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