St Aloysius pilgrims reflect on Venice

Reflection is a key part of the World Youth Day journey for Sydney Catholic school students. Here four students share their take on the past two days’ experiences.

July 16:

There was a lot of nerves both from the students departing from Sydney International Airport and the parents wishing their respective children a happy and exciting pilgrimage to Kraków Poland. Our flight departed at 9pm and we settled down for an arduous 14 hour flight. While some of us slept the majority of the flight, others decided to watch some of the latest movies and tv shows that were available on the plane. After sluggishly walking off the plane in Dubai, at a crisp 36 degrees, we had a short layover where we were all allowed to go and get something to eat for lunch before continuing our journey to wyd. Our next flight was five and a half hours long, and it was clear everyone was excited about arriving in Venice and the journey ahead.

– Zachary Ienco and Sebastian Christie, St Aloysius’ College, Milson’s Point

July 17:

We touched down smoothly at Venice airport, all eager to immerse ourselves in the Italian culture after what was already such a long journey. After a quick break at our hotel, we were driven to the waters of Venice, on which we were treated to a small tour on the boat ride to the main city of Venice. Hurried along towards a mass we were to attend later that day, the city of Venice treated us to a large culture change. The canals, the unique architecture and the Italian culture in general was quickly observed and photographed and enjoyed as we headed through the city towards the location of the Mass. As we stood outside San Moisè Church, pilgrims were given the opportunity to admire its extremely detailed entrance.

At the conclusion of the mass, the WYD groups split off to go have dinner. In our case, we were treated to a Neopolitan styled Italian meal, containing lots and lots of eggplant. There was an odd eggplant lasagne fusioned entrée, chicken and eggplant main and a delicious cake at the end of the meal. After the meal, we were able to admire the city of Venice without the large flock of tourists. With the sun just about to set in the sky at 8pm, we strolled down the south river, taking in the stunning buildings with a slight sunset further colouring the facades of the old Italian buildings. At the end of the day, after the return to the hotel, we were guided through the examen by Mr Gould, helping us reflect on the good and the bad experiences of the day, and where God was in this experience.
After this exhausting experience on the second day, all of us are eager to see what other activities await us in the following weeks.

– Lucas Birrell and Max Mazaraki, Saint Aloysius’ College Milson’s Point

There is one comment

  1. Doris Kidger

    TO: St. Aloysius Students and Mr. Gould
    From: Doris Kidger

    Dear all thank you for the information and share your experiences, Alexander is leaving sydney today @ 2100hrs to Dubai ->Prague 3days- >Czestochova 1days->Prague 7days->Zokopane 3days retreat from 1 Agust to 3 August if anyone would like to to contact Alexander while there please go to this link and leave a message he is bus 4, you need to clik bus 4.

    God Bless Doris
    NB: Mr. Gould left a private message in your school e-mail.


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