WYD 16: The journey begins

wyd16 welcome

Sydney Catholic school students arrive at Sydney Airport’s International terminal to depart for their World Youth Day pilgrimages. Photo: Giovanni Portelli

Welcome to Sydney Catholic Schools’ World Youth Day 2016 blog.

Here you will find news and photographs from each day of the journey for our 17 bus groups of 567 student and staff pilgrims.

Standing at departures with the Bus 16 crew, our group of 35 swelled with families saying  a long goodbye at Sydney International Airport, it was hard to fathom what the crowd of up to 5 million people we will encounter during Mass with Pope Francis in Krakow, Poland on July 31 will look like!

Some will arrive at Krakow via the Holy Lands, others from Rome, Venice, Florence and Prague.

Whatever adventure awaits you can be sure it’s all POPE (Part of pilgrim experience)!

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  1. Doris Kidger

    Hi Bus 4
    Laura, Alexander and everybody leaving today!!! hope that this trip will be a life changing to all and encounter your weakness and ask God to help you to discover your meaning in life and direction, discover God with the Pope and all the million pilgrim join you in Poland. God Bless Doris Kidger


  2. Doug Mawhinney

    G’day and stolat pilgrims!

    Here’s to being drawn up into something bigger than yourselves – and enjoying the bagels/St JP2 cake – in being carried by the Spirit along “The Way”.

    … AND wearing your caps that now, outside of Australia, will look so cool and everyone will be fascinated by where you are from – being among the furthest travelling pilgrims – and TOTALLY fascinated by your Aussie accents!

    Be kind on yourselves and others in living lives of thanksgiving to delight in God and all the goodness that surrounds you to see and hand on God’s mercy, compassion and strength of love.

    Pace e bene,

    CCD Sydney
    Supporting Parish Catechists


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