Day 1: Rome, pm

Some highlights of the Bus 5 journey so far …


Roma, here we come!!! Bus group leader Glen Thompson and pilgrims, board a connecting flight to Rome from Hong Kong.

First day in the Eternal City. Relaxing from the long flight with some gelato and team bonding. Bellissimo!

Pilgrim group leaders Laura Mirabello, Samantha Rothwell and Amanda Safi enjoy local gelato with their students.

Bus 5 adventures

Bus 5 adventures

“Celebrating mass for our first evening here in Rome, the homily was beautifully said, reminding us all of the real purpose of this pilgrimage,” said Amanda Safi, Pilgrim group leader and teacher at St Ursula’s College Kingsgrove.

“Gathering together for our first dinner. Authentic pasta and Italian salad.”

The pilgrims will brave a 5am wake up call tomorrow for another holy experience.






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