World Youth Day: words to watch

Polish speaking students at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary Ashfield have lent their voices to World Youth Day preparations, reciting some basic words and phrases that may be helpful for the pilgrims’ journey.

Year 5 students at the school have also taken on the role of Mercy Stewards, actively reminding their peers to act out mercy values in classroom and playground. One, Stephanie Ishak, shared what Mercy means to her.

“It means forgiveness and caring for people, and giving them a second chance and being humble,” she said. “We [Mercy Stewards] go around classes sometimes with a kindness sheet which shows different ways of being kind. There was one with a cartoon girl and boy and it had ‘ears for listening to people, eyes that see ways to help, mouths that speak kind words, feet that walk gently on the earth and hands for helping’.”

Dziekuje (Thank you) to the following students for their involvement in the video: Clara, Maya & Alan Glinski, Casper, Cyprian Swierzewski, and Alexandra Labiche.

Below is a more Polish vocabulary that may be useful on the road to Krakow. Mówić po polsku has a useful guide to the pronunciation of Polish vowels.

Greetings & polite words

Good morning              dzien dobry pronounced ‘dsyeni dobry’.

Good afternoon            dzien dobry pronounced ‘dsyeni dobry’.

Good evening              dobry wieczor pronounced ‘dobry vyechoor”,

Good night                   dobranoc pronounced ‘dobra notz’.

Hi                                czesc pronounced ‘cheshch’.

Bye                              czesc pronounced ‘cheshch’.

See you                       do widzenia pronounced ‘doh vidsenya’.


Please                         prosze pronounced ‘prosheh’.

Thank you                    dziekuje pronounced ‘dsyenkooyeh’.

I’m sorry                       przepraszam pronounced ‘pshehpraasham’.

Excuse me                   przepraszam pronounced ‘pshehpraasham’.

Yes                              tak pronounced ‘tahk’.

No                               nie pronounced ‘nye’.

I don’t understand         nie rosumiem

Cheers!                        na zdrowie! pronounced ‘nah zdrovyeh!

Price                            cena pronounced ‘tzenah’.

How much for this?       ile to kosztuje? pronounced ‘ileh toh koshtooye?

My name is …              mam na imie …  pronounced ‘mam nah eemyeh’.


Asking for directions

Street         ulica (common abbreviation ul.) pronounced ‘ulitsa’.

Square       plac (common abbreviation pl.) pronounced ‘platz’.

How can I get to…   jak moge dojsc do… pronounced ‘yak mokeh doyshch doh…’

Bus stop                przystanek autobusowy pronounced ‘pshistanek autoboosovy

Tram stop            przystanek  tramwajowy pronounced ‘pshistanek tramvayovy’.

Right                 prawo pronounced ‘pravo

Left                   lewo pronounced levo.

Ahead               na przodzie


Eating out

Restaurant                    restauracja pronounced ‘restaauratzya’.

Menu                           menu pronounced ‘menyi’.

Second helping                 druga porcja pronounced ‘druka portzya’.

Vegetarian dish                    danie wegetarianskie pronounced ‘danye vegetaryanskyeh’.

Can we have the bill please?     prosze o rachunek pronounced ‘proshe o rakhooneck’.



Bread, breads              chleb, chleby

Butter                           maslo

Cheese                        ser

Honey                          miód

Jam, jams                     dżem, dżemy

Egg, eggs                    jajko, jajka

Noodles                        makaron

Rice                              ryż

Yoghurt, yoghurts         jogurt, jogurty

Sugar                           cukier

Salt                              sól

Pepper                                     pieprz

Oil                                olej

Fruit                              owoce

Vegetables                   warzywo / jarzyny

Apple, apples               jabłko, jabłek

Orange, oranges           pomarańcza, pomarańcze

Strawberry, strawberries   truskawka, truskawki

Banana, bananas           banan, banany

Potato, potatoes           ziemniak, ziemniaki

Cucumber, cucumbers   ogórek, ogórki

Ham                             szynka

Chicken                        kurczak

Fish                              ryba

Beef                             wołowina

Sausage, sausages       kiełbasa, kiełbasy

Pork                             wieprzowina

Lamb                            jagnięcina



Water                            woda

Mineral water                 woda mineralna

Juice, juices                  sok, soki

Milk                              mleko

Coffee                          kawa

Tea                               herbata


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