Trinity leads maths charge, Amazing Race-style

Trinity Catholic College students explored Sydney with a mathematical eye and a mission during the school’s first ‘A-math-zing Race’.

A group of 403 students in Years 7 and 8 from the College’s Regents Park campus and teachers took part in the event on May 25.

They worked in small teams to solve real life maths problems, crack codes, and complete challenges for bonus points while journeying through checkpoints including St Mary’s Cathedral, Circular Quay and Hyde Park on a quest to deepen their mathematical knowledge. Team “Mathemagical” claimed first prize.

Assistant Mathematics Coordinator, Helen Sarlamis, said the event took six months to plan and was supported by school staff and Great Race Sydney’s event planners specialising in team-building activities.

Mrs Sarlamis said the excursion also presented a great opportunity for learning in accordance with the College aim – that all learning be deep, motivating, contextualized, and communal.

“Students developed their skills in working together and independently, teamwork and decision-making, assessing risks and in building strong relationships with their peers and teachers while completing their work,” she said. “The day was a huge success.

“Trying something new and pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries are qualities we try very hard to instill in our students.

“Our Year 7 and 8 students participated with great enthusiasm and curiosity and grew in their confidence and enjoyment of Mathematics – a  wonderful result all round.”

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