Painting connects Ashfield students to Indigenous culture

Indigenous artists at St Vincent's Ashfield.

Indigenous students create art at St Vincent’s Catholic Primary Ashfield.

St Vincent’s Catholic Primary Ashfield is now the proud owner of a beautiful Indigenous-inspired painting following their two-day immersion in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

The students and teachers worked with Brian, Eve and Trevor from Wandana Aboriginal Education and Events to create the painting which was inspired by the school’s history, values and symbols. The completed artwork was the culmination of two days of curriculum-based education designed to help the students explore Aboriginal culture in song, dance, art, history and story-telling.

It was great doing the big artwork and understanding what it represents.

– Keith Dungay

Assistant Principal Margaret Holles said with Aboriginal Studies part of the curriculum the two days was an opportunity to immerse the students in the culture and have a beautiful piece of artwork. She said the school’s indigenous students really enjoy seeing their culture on show and love that sense of connection to each other and their culture.

“They were given particular time to connect with the Wandana people but the focus was on involving all the school’s students.”

At the end of the two days the whole school gathered in the hall for the unveiling of their artwork and to sing an indigenous song. The school’s 10 Aboriginal students also presented the acting Principal Michael Krawec with a painting they had done which included all their hand prints.

Student artists (from left) Kerrie Hunt, Alexia Carisio, Dion Rich and Toni Hunt.

Student artists (from left) Kerrie Hunt, Alexia Carisio, Dion Rich and Toni Hunt.

Year 6 student Keith Dungay, who presented the painting to Mr Krawec, said the two days were awesome. “It was great learning how to paint and doing the big artwork and understanding what it represents.”

Sydney Byard, in Stage 2, said hearing the special stories was his favourite part.

Wandana Managing Director, Brian Cook said the painting allowed the whole school community to come together as one to create something very unique and leave a legacy for the next generation. Mr Cox added that his team thoroughly enjoyed working the teachers and students at St Vincent’s Ashfield and also in recent weeks with the communities at St Fiacre’s Leichhardt and St Columba’s Leichhardt North.



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