Earth Hour: A student reflection

Photo:  Sherrie Smith/Freepik

Photo: Sherrie Smith/Freepik

By Leo Terrone

On 19 March 2016, our school celebrated Earth Hour. This day started off like any other Friday but ended like a completely different one! At 2pm in the afternoon,I turned off the lights in the 3M classroom and the fun began.

Before I tell you why I enjoyed Earth Hour, let me explain to you the meaning of Earth Hour and why it is important. This year’s theme was “Switch off the places we love in 2016”.

Australia is such a beautiful country. We are blessed with breathtaking beaches,parks, reefs and rainforests. However all these things are under threat due to rising temperatures and extreme weather caused by carbon pollution. Earth Hour is important because by switching off your power we can protect our environment as we realise less pollution into the world.

So back to 3M . . . . For the last hour of school Mrs Cooper gave us some free time BUT we couldn’t play with any technology which uses power. This meant NO iPods,NO iPads and NO computers. Sounds boring. Well,surprisingly it wasn’t! During Earth Hour I played a board game with my friends, drew a picture, explored the science area, read a book in the reading corner and enjoyed myself. I learnt from this experience that helping out the environment is easy and you can also have fun along the way.

Helping the environment does not have to be one hour a year.We can celebrate Earth Hour by switching off the lights, turning off the air conditioning and only using power when it is absolutely necessary. So I  hope I have inspired other children to celebrate Earth Hour at home by just switching off.

  • Leo is a Year 3 member of Mater Dei Catholic Primary Blakehurst’s environment group, the Blakehurst United Green Society (BUGS).

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