Buddies’ day of welcome fun

Buddies Day 2016.

Domremy students prepare to welcome their young guests for Buddies Day.

Domremy College hosted  a group of children from disadvantaged backgrounds for a day of fun activities on February 20.

The Buddies Day initiative is run in conjunction with the St Vincent De Paul Society and aims to lighten the burden some children face daily as a result of hardship and disadvantage. The event also provides some respite for their families.

Year 12 students organised the event with Social Justice Co-ordinator Chris Hansford.  Teachers and students spent time on the Saturday with the 20 children aged 6 to 12.

“Sometimes these children just need a break from their daily routine, which can be challenging,” Mr Hansford said. “They can benefit from having a few different role models with whom they can strike up a relationship. This includes students closer to their age with whom they can relate, and who may be able to foster a degree of confidence in them.”

Social Justice Prefect  Monique Lorizio said the day was packed with activities such as plaster painting, a Disney scavenger hunt, animal charades, musical chairs, and a barbecue lunch.

“Although days like this are full of fun and laughter, the core of our efforts provided respite for families and children supported by Vinnies – families who are doing it tough and are affected by homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence and broken homes,” she said. “It was particularly rewarding to know the significant difference that such a small gesture made to the children, who all wore huge smiles the entire day.”

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