All Saint’s hot shots to compete

All Saints shotput and discus talent Arthur Leleai Inu and Marisa Posiano.

Ready to compete: All Saints shotput and discus talent Arthur Leleai Inu and Marisa Posiano.

Marisa Posiano, 15, will head to Vancouver, Canada for the All Schools Athletics Championships on June 17.

The All Saints Catholic College Liverpool Year 10 student will compete in both shot put and discus Under 15’s events. She threw 32 metres in discus and 11.81 metres in shot put to qualify for both after training in the sports for only two-and-a-half years.

“I tried a few other sports and didn’t really go well, then when I came to Athletics they saw I had the potential to do shot put and discus as my main events,” she said. “I like training and communication with the other kids that compete.

“My family were in shock when they saw the letter. They were surprised I was actually going to Canada. I’m looking forward to learning new techniques in discuss and shot put.”

Marisa next hopes to trial for the 2018 Commonwealth Youth Games. She trains with the Campbelltown Collegians for two hours, five days a week.

Fellow All Saints student Arthur Leleai Inu, 14, in Year 9, also trains for two hours five days a week in shot put and discus at Bankstown Sports Club.

He will attend the Australian Junior Athletics Championships held in Perth on March 8 to compete in Under 16’s shot put and discus. He qualified for the events with a 48.76 metre discus throw and a 14.88 metre throw in shot put.

“I didn’t really know how to throw before,” Arthur said. “It became a hobby first. Later on I found out I was naturally good at it and I started to train and develop on that and got better. Good technique starts off with power in your legs, then you release with your arms. You’ve got to have good timing.”

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