Belonging at a Catholic school makes a difference


Remy Donoghue

Alexa Donoghue receiving First Holy Communion

Alexa Donoghue – the Donoghue twins are proud to belong to a Catholic school.

The aim of every parent is for their children to receive the best educational opportunities, so deciding where to send your child to school is one of the most important decisions parents face.



For Katy Donoghue, the decision to send her three children, Darcy, Alexa and Remy to Catholic schools was never in question.

All have gone to Holy Spirit Catholic Primary North Ryde. Darcy, is now in Year 8, and her 10 year-old twins, Alexa and Remy, are in Year 5.

“A Catholic education provides a solid foundation in learning, promotes a sense of belonging and supports our parenting at home,” said Mrs Donoghue.

“There is a real sense of community and family, and the kids are taught to genuinely care and help people in need.

“At the moment, Alexa and Remy come home from school every day thinking of ways they can contribute to Project Compassion – a Lenten fundraiser which Caritas Australia has been running for 50 years to help the most marginalised in the world.

“They decided to sacrifice their daily ice-block purchases and donate the cost. They are always thinking about others through small gestures like this,” Mrs Donoghue added.

For her son Darcy, Mrs Donoghue says that she and her husband wanted a school with a strong social justice focus to help him grow into a young man of conviction and compassion.

“At his school, Darcy is not only receiving a great academic education but he is also learning to be a caring and compassionate young man. Those qualities are so important to us.”

“We wanted an education for all of our children that will broaden their outlook on life, as well as create an environment that will nurture them and allow them to grow into good people and to accept differences and diversity in the world.”

She believes the strong social justice focus, pastoral care and values-based teaching in Catholic schools will enable her three children to grow into well-grounded young adults.

“My husband and I are watching them develop into young persons who are kind and caring, but still able to challenge others points of view in relation to the world around them.”

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